Posted by: greentangle | May 22, 2012


A couple trips I’ve planned to go on have been canceled because not enough people signed up–an earlier one to Norris/Old Faithful, and one tomorrow to West Yellowstone where I was hoping to get some photos of the cubs of the bear killed last year after the hiker deaths. There weren’t enough people signed up for today’s trip either, but we went anyway.

These are photos you need to click on a couple times to get them up to full size to appreciate the scenes.

First, the view from the Brink of Lower Falls, reached by a switch-backing paved path which was a bit slippery on this day of on and off rains.

There is still some snow on the canyon walls, making some lovely patterns.

Next, the staircase known as Uncle Tom’s Trail, which descends from upper right to lower left in the following photo. There are more stairs here than on my Mammoth climb, and these are perforated metal and nonstop. I’ll stick to mine. Check out the lovely narrow waterfall in the middle.

Next, some inspiring views from Inspiration Point.

Near the trailhead leading to all those stairs is a great place to view Upper Falls. The little things sticking up on the rock to the right of the falls are people who have taken a much shorter and more solid staircase down to the Brink of Upper Falls.

And we’ll finish up with some views from Artist Point.



  1. Magnificent pictures!

    I’ve been in some beautiful places but the scale there blows my mind.

  2. You should definitely try to see the place someday.


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