Posted by: greentangle | November 23, 2012


My travels are over for now, and I’m in killing time mode even more than when I’m sitting on a bus or at a desk. Tuesday I hiked up to Mammoth, got my mail from the past month, and said hello to some people. My new hiking boots and laptop are at the post office soon to be followed by a new camera, but I’ll let them stay there until I move up next week.

View from the hike–somehow this makes me think it’s all just a giant golf course.

I start my days in Gardiner with a morning hike before spending the rest of the day with computer, tv, and book. There was a railroad track along the Yellowstone River which is now used for hiking and biking.

In the three years I’ve been here, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of the famous arch. So I made myself feel like a rube and took one for you.

The red mark is known as the Devil’s Slide. Apparently he lost some skin on the way.

This is snowy Electric Peak. The little white spots beyond the fence are pronghorn, but they’re free. That’s just a small fenced in experiment to see what grows without being eaten.

And another photo of the arch, in context.

A few inches of snow in Sunday’s forecast, and Tuesday I move back to Mammoth.



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