Posted by: greentangle | December 26, 2012

And so this is Xmas

I was out with the camera this morning, wandering for about five miles, but there’s not much to photograph now–snow and distant elk butts.

mammoth 011

But it was good to be able to get the miles in. My back continues to improve, and my head is feeling clearer than it has in way too many months. I got my 500 miles hiked shirt the other day, and it made me decide I want to get the 1000 mile shirt before I’m done with Yellowstone, so I’ll be back for one more summer. 457 miles to go–I’ll knock off what I can during the winter, then rack up big miles in May with my roommate before he starts fishing (no inspiration from my current roommate who lays down and sleeps until it’s time to go to bed), and then will probably need to average 10-15 miles a week for the rest of the summer. Should lose a few pounds in the course of that too. Don’t know yet where I’ll be working but that’s the secondary part of all this anyway, and there are pluses however it works out.

I’ve finally started writing the long-delayed piece with a little about the break’s concerts and a lot about the cause of this lost year’s confusion. When I got back to Yellowstone, I found it didn’t have the dramatic conclusion I was expecting so it’s going to be one of those semi-fictional memoir type things. Much more freedom and creativity that way anyway.

I’m planning to take a day trip as tourist down to Norris Geyser Basin this winter and with luck will pick a day with good weather for photography. A friend suggested I join her for one of the upcoming Brew Master or Wine Tasting dinners which also sounds like a great idea, and maybe I’ll get over to Canyon for snowshoeing and photos later this winter as well.

Things are getting better. Thanks for bearing with me.

mammoth 023




  1. Happy hiking and happy new year.

    • Thanks, hope all is well with you.


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