Posted by: greentangle | January 5, 2013

Minor Notes

I knew that if I kept answering phones in Yellowstone I’d wind up talking with someone I knew. Today it turned out to be someone I worked with in Boston twenty years ago. He’ll be visiting the park in May. It was fun talking to him, and maybe we’ll meet when he’s here.

Occasionally at work I’ll get a comment on my voice. A few weeks ago, a woman caller from Tennessee and I wound up complimenting each other on our respective accents before we finished our conversation. That call had an undertone of attraction to it and she seemed annoyed when her husband got on the line for a moment. Yesterday someone who sounded like a sweet little old lady made me mentally blush by saying I had a very nice way about me and a nice voice. Today I heard that a coworker thought I sounded like Ryan Gosling. I had no idea who he was, but Googling brings up “Ryan Gosling has the sexiest voice in the world”, so I guess that’s a good thing. ;-)

I planned to go to the gym this morning for the first time this season, but hadn’t slept well so after waking up at 5 AM with good intentions I fell back asleep until it was time for work. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m feeling well, and the writing continues on what’s currently subtitled “A Fictional Memoir with Lyrics”. I will not be returning to work in that office this summer–I’m trading about $50 a week and more free time for peace of mind, and it seems like a good deal to me. On a perhaps related note, after waiting years for its publication, I finally have a copy of Paul Gruchow’s Letters to a Young Madman–I imagine I’ll be writing about that some time in the future.



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