Posted by: greentangle | March 6, 2013

Road Closed Ahead

All the roads here will be opening later than scheduled next spring. I responded to a group’s request to send a form letter about cuts to the national parks budget, and as a result got added to email lists of some of the nutjobs who represent Wyoming. And they truly are nuts, and what’s even sadder is that they do actually represent the values of most people in the state.

We had the most intense snowstorm of the winter a few days ago, but it only lasted an hour or two and I could only watch the whiteout through the work windows. Today is more of a wet, snowglobe, melt on contact kind of day, but I got out for a walk earlier and met one of the dogs and her human who I often see on my walks. She was wet enough that she’d obviously been playing outside all day.

My roommate hates winter which has been a real drag to deal with for the past three months, but even some of the people who like winter have started talking about being ready for spring. I, on the other hand, look with longing at the Duluth webcam of the frozen Lake, and hope for more and more winter as long as I can get out of here in early April.

It took me three days, but I’ve finally finished going through the list of musicians playing at the free four day festival I’m going to in New Orleans, checking websites and listening to samples. Along with five I already like, there are 49 more I want to check out, including some names known to me who I just didn’t get to see on my last trip and some I’d never heard of. This will be like squeezing months of clubgoing into four days, stopping only for food and drink. I’ll still have quite a few days to concentrate on that part when the festival’s over, and I plan to use one of my free days to take a tour to a bayou.



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