Posted by: greentangle | March 23, 2013

No, No, Nola

If you remember this post from five months ago, it probably comes as no surprise that the federal government has shut down Rimrock Trailways. It doesn’t surprise me that they’d be considered unsafe, but I wish they could have waited about a month to do it and I would have taken my chances. At least I wasn’t actually on one of the buses at the time the order came down–passengers who were only got as far as the next stop before being stranded.

I needed to take this company’s buses to Whitefish, 400 miles from here, to meet my trains to and from New Orleans. (It’s also the company which has gotten me between here and Minnesota in the past.) So it’s very unlikely that I’m going–I’m not one for last minute uncertainty and I don’t have a lot of time as leeway for things to change. A friend already offered to help get me to the train if he can and I pay for gas, but even if that worked out, it would still leave me with the issue of how to get back a couple weeks later when he wouldn’t be around. Instead, I’ll probably either be working straight through if I can get one of my contracts adjusted, or living in Bozeman or Gardiner for a month.

Between hotels and trains, I’ve already spent over $3000 on this trip so I’ll have to see how much of that I can get back. I was willing to blow a lot of money on this trip because from the time I began planning it, I was thinking of it as the last big vacation of my life. It looks like it will probably have to wait a year, if the bus company or a replacement is running. If there’s no bus service, any future trip would have to start from somewhere else because that would certainly end my Yellowstone career. Quite a few of this summer’s Yellowstone employees would have been getting to the area on those idled buses over the next month or two, so it will be interesting to see what happens.



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