Posted by: greentangle | May 25, 2013

Cookout Hike

Did some hiking the past couple nights before my roommate started devoting all his free time to fishing season which began today. The first night included a nice hike to Hellroaring Creek and spotting a black bear with two cubs. A light rain didn’t produce any interesting photos.

Last night we headed to the site of the big nightly cookout which begins its season in a couple weeks.

marmpikackout 002

There is a rocky slope nearby where marmots are almost always seen.

marmpikackout 012

This time a pika appeared as well.

marmpikackout 015

I think they both have the same size ears even though the rest of the marmot is about 30 times bigger than the pika. We looked back as we left and saw a black bear, who had probably been waiting for us to leave, browsing the area. This curious pronghorn followed us for awhile.

marmpikackout 036

A “specially effected” moon rose on our return trip.

marmpikackout 040

It’s been a whirlwind couple job-related days for me. Thursday something happened which had me packing and planning to leave here next week. Friday that was settled in my favor and I was back to staying at least until I heard when the Duluth job testing would be. Friday night I learned the test would be next Saturday morning, which was much less advance notice than I expected and wanted because of the things I’d need to do here and how long it would take me to get there. So now I’m back to being here indefinitely.



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