Posted by: greentangle | January 3, 2015

Pull One Strand

2015–we made it through another one.

I took a long walk today because based on the weather forecast it doesn’t look like I’ll want to take another one for awhile. Walking has been easier lately because the ground is mostly clear due to a lack of snow, and it’s odd how much this former snow lover is enjoying that. Icy sidewalks seem much more dangerous to me than they used to be.

There were hundreds of mallards gathered at the corner of the Lake. I watched a 1000 foot laker leaving the canal with large chunks of ice following in its wake. Ice has been forming on the Lake and with forecast highs for the next four days of -5, 6, 4, and -2 that ice will probably start solidifying and thickening, although for the next couple days the wind will be blowing it all in one direction.

Wolves are back on the endangered list, with monarchs perhaps to follow. Who saw that one coming when we were kids? It would seem hard to pick a species whose extinction would be more amazing to people of a certain age. Our generation’s passenger pigeon, perhaps. Who’s next–cockroaches?

It’s going to be an interesting month. I have a Yellowstone interview scheduled and a few days later a doctor’s appointment and the two will interact in some way I can’t predict.

Nothing is ever certain, especially when this company is involved (such as a good friend there not getting the job he’d already been told he would get for the upcoming summer), but I’m fairly sure I’ll be offered a new YNP job. Then the questions begin. What job, where will it be, when will it begin–before or after the May dog-sitting I really want to do, how long will it last? Will I like it enough that I’ll be interested in trying to work almost year round there again so I can get insurance, or will it be one season and done just to get the taste of my last year there out of my mouth?

The medical stuff is nothing earth-shattering, just what every man faces eventually, but there will almost certainly be a permanent prescription or two in my future although I have concerns about the possible side effects of one. Since I’m fairly certain I’ll lose my insurance if I go to Yellowstone, do I take pills for a few months then stop when I go there, or pay for them out of my pocket while I’m there, or wait to start taking them until I get back in the fall, or not go to Yellowstone because of them? The last seems most unlikely since it would mean I’d have to find more substantial employment here and working year round for a week or two off is not something I ever want to do again.



  1. Kia ora e hoa…the best of New Years salutations and all that. Best of thoughts for health. As you write we all begin to suffer sooner than later. Keep walking. Kia Kaha e hoa.

  2. Hi Robb. Most medical people seem amazed I’ve made it this long without drugs–now I’ll join the pill a day keeps the surgeon away club. Hope things are well there. My friend here from NZ originally heads there soon for a few weeks with family.


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