Posted by: greentangle | January 19, 2017


Not me. No, the snow is flowing down the hills here in our long warm spell of 40ish degree days. In Duluth. In January. That’s ridiculous. No one would ever believe it. It must be a Chinese hoax.

No, I just wanted to mention Snowbound: Animals of Winter from BBC/PBS Nature. Full episode available free until February 11th. There are some beautiful scenes, some from the wild and some closeups from Polar Park, a wildlife place in Norway. So there are wolves licking the narrator’s face and other wolves killing an elk (maybe in Yellowstone?–looks like the right terrain, and there are scenes of bison which were filmed there). There are some fascinating underground scenes, of polar bear newborns, a ground squirrel, and also of a weasel and a vole (doesn’t end well for the vole). Many, many other critters as well.



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