Posted by: greentangle | May 14, 2017

Seeing Red

The 45 you know and his cronies isn’t the first GOP 45th government administration trying to hide facts and eliminate discussion of climate change instead of trying to eliminate climate change.  Just the first federal government, which has traditionally been used to put a brake on the more redneck states.

As every Minnesotan knows, and this column from the Northern Wilds magazine website explains, we don’t want to become Wisconsin. Or Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, or Alaska.

In case you hadn’t heard, NPS confirmed what most of us familiar with attitudes toward wolves in the states surrounding Yellowstone assumed when we learned about The White Lady‘s death last month. She was shot. A 12 year old mother of at least 20 pups, an alpha for almost 10 years, one of the park’s most famous animals, until her murder by a human mad dog. In addition to the NPS reward, the group Wolves of the Rockies has offered an additional $5000 reward.



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