Posted by: greentangle | June 30, 2017

On the Lake

Between a sore foot, age, and attitude, I don’t get out much anymore. This month, as a job perk, I could have done more than a dozen tourist activities for free. I only went to one of them, and didn’t enjoy that one because of all the kids there. More about the attitude in a 10th anniversary post next week, but last night there was  an opportunity I couldn’t ignore.

As I was walking to it, I thought I saw a loon in the harbor. Turned out to be a double crested cormorant.

Oh, look, it’s Duluth’s iconic lift bridge lifting.

I arrived at my destination.

Or at least the means to my destination. This retired icebreaker was purchased by someone on the board of one of the organizations I work for, and we were having a staff party there.

A different view, passing under the lift bridge.

Another Duluth icon, Glensheen. A few days ago was the 40th anniversary of the murders committed there.

It was nice to get out on the water, and we went farther than the tourist boats do. We were never far from land, and I didn’t see any whales like I used to do off Boston, but this time it really was a loon.

Coming back in through the canal, we had this multilayered view of Duluth–tourists, tourist hotels, downtown, hillside houses, antenna farm.

We cruised around the harbor. A couple more bridges, these connecting Minnesota to the red cheeseheads of Wisconsin.

Here’s the island where the gulls hang out when the tourists aren’t feeding them popcorn.

We pulled up next to one of the ore loading docks. Admittedly not as exciting as the bear warning signs in Yellowstone, but still good advice.

I got home after dark, and when I looked out my window before going to work this morning, I discovered that a drunk had decided to park in our back yard.

She came down this hill, and did damage in the yards on either side of us as well as destroying a small tree of ours.



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