Posted by: greentangle | September 2, 2017


One of the part time jobs I’ve had since I moved back here has been at the zoo. The other day some of the employees were given a tiger feeding tour which was interesting. The highlight was spreading her meal of ground cow (all the parts) around a two room holding area–on the bottom of a bench, just outside the cage so she’d have to reach under, high on the walls so she’d have to stand to paw it off. No posted photos allowed, but in any case my camera battery had died while I was walking around the zoo before the tour, so I’m not holding out on you.

This llama lives fairly close to where I work, so I usually go say hello on my break. As with people, I’m never sure if he’ll be friendly or spit at me. Usually we just stare.

This heron isn’t an actual zoo resident but is often in the area.

There’s a butterfly exhibit this summer.

I think the snow leopard is the most beautiful animal there–the tail and paws are amazing, but here’s the face.

Maybe someday I’ll try that again with a fresh battery.




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