Posted by: greentangle | September 24, 2018

Not the Arboretum

About now, I had expected to post some photos from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, a place I’ve never been. Unfortunately, I’ve got another clot in my leg and although they say it’s not as bad as last year’s, I was advised to not take part in a couple scheduled day trips I’d signed up for. And my planned late October vacation to Marquette depends on a couple future ultrasounds.

So today I took a short walk down to the Lake for some slow motion exercise.

Here’s a tree which is not in the arboretum, but seems to be having a productive year.

There are a variety of transportation options on the Lake.

Here you can insert the closeup photo I would have taken of a woodpecker if I’d had my camera out. Or just look at a distant eagle.

Another tree not at the Arboretum. Leaves are generally just starting to change color, but this tree is always way ahead of the rest.




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