Posted by: greentangle | October 22, 2018

Chester Creek (Hiking in Duluth VI)

The subtitle is a bit of an inside joke, because Part V appeared back in 2009. Today was planned to be a bus ride to Marquette, but it’s been delayed due to numerous appointments and an upcoming procedure I hope will fix my clotty leg. So for some exercise and to get my mind off missing my vacation and my Marquette peeps, I decided to attempt the trail closest to me–an up and down on either side of one of the many creeks which descend through Duluth on their way to Lake Superior.

I used to hike this trail several times a week, but it has been years since the last time. I initially stopped hiking it mostly due to the large number of illegally unleashed dogs I encountered. I generally like dogs, but not when they’re charging me on a narrow trail which often has a 50 foot drop next to it.

It has a few steep sections and I wondered if I should take the hiking pole I’d bought at the Bozeman Walmart before I moved into Yellowstone. I didn’t, and quickly realized that was a mistake. I have a better pair of poles in mind to buy if I’m going to start doing this hiking thing again.

On to the photos.

An explosion of water.

No, I didn’t see the non-berry portion of this photo when I took it.

The walk wasn’t as easy as it used to be but the smell of the pines and the sound of the creek were refreshing.

Though the water is usually shallow, there are many falls along the way.

It’s not the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, but it’s lovely and a lot less crowded.

You know what time of year it is.

And the trail ends where it began, at a city street two blocks from my home, with a view of the Greatest Lake.



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