Posted by: greentangle | December 28, 2018

Revolution #19

This is my 19th post of the year here, and there were only 10 this year on my other blog. Clearly blogging is not something I do much anymore, which is a logical result of other changes. No more adventurous travel, no more living in a national park, little hiking, more health issues, fewer new nature books published to write about, living under a repetitive national political nightmare. I now spend a lot more time reading and listening and watching than writing. I’m generally content but I’m hoping for a more interesting year ahead, as I’m about to leave one job, anticipate some changes, and expect to move in the fall. I’ll start out with jury duty in a month, hopefully followed by a trip to Marquette, and then get a medical procedure out of the way in the spring.

At the library the other day I heard a man with white dreadlocks asking about Edward Abbey books, and wound up chatting with him on the elevator. He said when he was in the army, he was given a list of books to remove from somewhere and Abbey was on the list, which he said made him want to read all of Abbey’s books. I said I had all his nonfiction, but didn’t like his fiction that much (not that I don’t love monkeywrenching itself).

Today I borrowed 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die by James Mustich from the library. I doubt that I have time. But the first book described (alphabetically by author) is Desert Solitaire, so only 999 to go. And of course, Walden is included, and The Outermost House and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and My First Summer in the Sierra and some of my favorite classics and science fiction and mystery and children’s books and recent novels. It’s a fun list and although I don’t want to take the time to count my way through the entire list, I’m sure I’ve read hundreds of the included books.

We had a fairly big snowstorm yesterday, about a foot officially, and in advance I’d considered heading out to take some photos, but it was one of those storms which give winter a bad name. With some warmer temperatures and various precipitation mixed in, it’s a mess right from the start with frozen uneven walking surfaces and piles of plow clumps to climb over.



  1. Kia Ora GT…some of us old time bloggers are still lurking out here. Still prefer to read actual words and sentences beyond the sound byte world of Twitter and Facebook. Hope all is well.
    Ka kite ano,

    • Hi Robb, I wish a happy and healthy new year for you, and that the US starts its slow climb out of shame.


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