Posted by: greentangle | January 13, 2022

Winter Lake 2

There aren’t many photos of the actual Lake in this one, but a couple days with very different temperatures, surroundings, and some transitions.


When I took these photos, it was -15 F with a wind chill of -36.

wc-36 001

I could manage about a dozen photos at a time before the pain in my fingers made clear that I needed to get out of the cold. I only needed to walk through a small park and over a snow-covered wooden pedestrian bridge which was shrieking from the cold with each step, and across a street to get back to where I live now. On one of my warming breaks I took some photos of the lobby.

wc-36 014 (2)

Not my style at all, but its proximity to the Lake is its redeeming feature for me. Given the choice, I’d rather be living in something like The Outermost House but you need to be a millionaire to have a shack like that these days. Maybe I’ll wind up in a tent by the water someday.

wc-36 016

wc-36 022

wc-36 028

Cold as it was, all the ice in the Lake in the last post was gone. Until it gets locked in place, wind can send it away from shore as early ice fisherpeople rediscover every year.


It was 30 degrees today, much warmer than anything in the two week forecast.

I took some photos of the Chief Buffalo Memorial being painted along stairs and ramps to the Lake. I’ve read that it will be completed in the spring. Here’s some more info about it:

A couple of my favorite sections.

cloudship 009

cloudship 018

I’d only headed out to take a quick look for photos because I already had my boots on after a couple morning errands. But I saw there was a ship coming in, and since the season ends in a couple days, I headed to the canal.

cloudship 036 (3)

cloudship 048 (2)

cloudship 052

I don’t usually take photos of strangers, but this was my favorite member of the crowd.

cloudship 047


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