Posted by: greentangle | January 21, 2022

Winter Lake 3


The wind from the east churned up some waves which broke larger chunks of ice into ice cubes which sloshed offshore and crashed onshore.

windice 003 (3)

windice 010 (3)


The next day, after the wind had stopped and a couple inches of new snow had fallen, the Lake was looking promisingly beautiful to me although I know others may only see emptiness.

icedunesfield 003 (2)

icedunesfield 005 (2)

The previous day’s waves had created a row of ice dunes along the shore.

icedunesfield 015 (2)


I love the pastels and greys and whites of winter, but sometimes it is nice to notice a different color.

icedunesfield 031 (2)


Alas, the changing winds drove the ice back away from shore.

iceout 003 (2)


Yesterday’s dawn was another of the brutally cold ones, -15 with -35 wind chill again. I felt less dedicated this time, and there wasn’t anything more lovely than usual so I only took one round of photos to spare my fingers.

-15dawn 003 (2)

-15dawn 009 (2)

But then I came home and ordered winter photography gloves, so I’ll be ready next time.



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