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Winter Lake 12 (The Big Finish)

Winter has been reluctant to leave, which I haven’t minded at all.


7:45 AM I heard the horns of ship and lift bridge, and looked out the window to see the first laker (Burns Harbor) of the year leaving.

1stshipwindow 006

The day before, I’d been out for a few photos in the morning but the view was nothing special. After the icebreaking in the last post, there was a lot of open water and some ice all together. In the afternoon, I looked out the window and was surprised to see one of my favorite ice views—a sunny day with large distinct white plates of ice floating on the dark blue water. I returned to the window to admire it several times but never went out to take photos. I didn’t carpe the diem, assuming the ice would still be there the next morning, and wound up sadly wrong.


Freezing rain and snow had started falling during the night, and snow was still coming down, so I went out to play, thinking it could be the last good snow for months.

snow 009

snow 011

Comparing the view through ice-covered glass to the slightly clearer view through the snow.

snow 012

While I was taking artsy icy photos, I started hearing a horn. I knew it wasn’t the bridge or the main foghorn, but thought at first it must be another foghorn somewhere because I couldn’t imagine a ship coming in during this weather. But it became “clear” the noise was coming from the Lake, so I started taking photos by sound until I began to see it.

snow 016

snow 018

snow 020

snow 027 (2)

After I got home, I learned from the internet that it was the Coast Guard icebreaker Spar, which will be stationed here, arriving for the first time. The two ships I showed in the last post are only here temporarily.


I took a photo from a skywalk to show the extent of reforming ice. The canal is out of the photo to the right.

skywalk 009

When I got home, I made a delicious pasta meal from a recipe live-streamed on the website Heygo by an Italian chef living in the Gili Islands (Indonesia).

annapasta 003 (2)

I’ve also learned a lot on that site recently from Ukrainian and Russian tour guides, including one tour done together by a Ukrainian guide and a Russian guide, from Israel where each is now living.


It was a sunny day in the upper 30s, and a lot more ice had blown in from somewhere.

moreice 001

moreice 002

moreice 003

moreice 004

moreice 005

The relative warmth, my camera visible instead of tucked under a heavy winter coat, and my Thoreau Society cap sparked conversations. Two women I often see on my walks asked what photos I’d gotten that day. A woman with a dog, my favorite combination, said it was like we were living on the moon, and we agreed it was a good place to live.

moreice 010

moreice 021

It turned out we’d moved here the same year, and when invited to say hello, her dog happily jumped up to greet me.

moreice 022


The next morning, most of the ice had moved out again, but more snow was falling.

snowwalk 010

snowwalk 014

snowwalk 021

snowwalk 025


Waves and illusions of waves.

amafter 006 (2)

amafter 007 (2)

amafter 008 (2)

amafter 011 (2)


I was going to take a bus to a grocery store up over the hill, but I decided to take some Lake photos first. I noticed a gathering of gulls far out on the ice.

icefogfrost 002 (2)

I moved to a position closer to them, but before I got any better photos of them, my camera battery died. I had the spare with me, but it was too cold and windy to be interested in changing it, so I headed for the bus.

icefogfrost 006

There was a lot of fog as I went up the hill, and after shopping I swapped batteries and took photos of frosted trees while waiting for the bus home. I was glad I’d brought the camera along.

icefogfrost 009

icefogfrost 010

icefogfrost 011

icefogfrost 014

icefogfrost 020

icefogfrost 029

icefogfrost 045


Throughout the night, large clumps of wet snow fell from the roof nine stories above me and exploded loudly on the roof one story below me. It was a sloppy morning, but a beautiful combination of ice, water, sunrise, fog, ships, and geese.

shipssungeese 020 (3)

shipssungeese 038 (2)

shipssungeese 054 (3)

More snow on the 7th, but the 8th seemed pretty.

pmsun 007

Until giant snowballs began to appear in the sky, and the Eternal Winter began.

pmsun 010 (2)


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